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We launched this blog to create a centralized point for autism related information for those families who have children living with autism. It is our primary focus to hone in on the joys, victories, challenges and obstacles that parents face in their daily walk.

For those families who provide unending support and care for an autistic loved one we salute you! We know that your walk in life, especially on the pathways in autism, can be a difficult and many times an emotionally, physically and financially overwhelming one! We are right there in the trenches with you, have gone through many similar challenges and we hope that this site will be helpful and a blessing to you.

Our heart has a special place for those military service men and women who walk this path while in service to our great nation. With our own service in the Army, we appreciate and understand completely the total life sacrifice you make in service while at the same time providing the best of life’s opportunities for your autistic loved one.

On this site you will find blog postings dealing with a myriad of autistic topics, but dedicated mostly to those concerning the family life: parenting, marriage, advocating and coping. Those in the military will find special guidance related to how autism affects the line of duty as well as information specific to the benefits and services available in the different armed services.

In time as our readership grows we hope to add many different areas of interest that will add value to your lifelong service in autism.

We thank you for stopping by to visit. Please take the time to look around our various categories and if you feel led to contribute, please reply back or contact us. We hope that the information you find here will be a blessing, encouragement and a challenge to you and your family’s walk on the Pathways in Autism.

God bless you.

In Advocacy,

Pathways in Autism

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  1. I would like to quote your article “Michigan Becomes 30th State to Embrace Autism Mandates” and cite it as a reference but I do not have a name to give credit to it, it is signed “Mike”

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