Military Service Members – Get This Guide to Autism Immediately!

A Guide for Military Families

The headline says it all. Here is another must have for members of the armed forces who have autistic dependents. This downloadable resource (you can also get a hard copy for free by contacting the organization if you are currently serving in the armed forces) from The Organization for Autism Research. and Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC). They have collaborated on a collection of autism guidebooks, but they have created one specifically for the military: “Life Journey through Autism: A Guide for Military Families”. This is an immediate must have. For a free resource, this guide is PACKED with the must-know information for families living with autism in the military. It is very well written and retains a simplicity that is easily digestible information for all. It is especially difficult to discuss very detailed and deep topics like the navigation of IDEA when it comes to your son or daughter’s education. The book explains it very simply. Beginning with what autism is, moving to what it takes to raise a child with autism, healthcare through Tricare (ECHO & the Autism Demonstration) and then education matters. There is a large index of resources for further reading and research on the topics covered in the book. Most importantly though is the real-world tone the book takes which I always personally appreciate. The authors tell you that, yes in fact, your life is going to be different because you have an autistic child. Because of your child’s autism, his life is going to be different than what you may have planned or hoped for. In essence, it is what it is. Now accept it, adapt to it and start to be an advocate through it. Your child is depending on you as no one else will care more, love more or advocate more for the best health care, educations, programs and services that are available today for your child. I’m not one for sugar coating. I want the black and white and I’ll draw my own education, meaning and/or inferences from it. The creators of this guide do just that, but in a way that also empowers you to start making better decisions for your child’s welfare. No sugar, but lots of uplifting carbs to fuel your desire for advocacy.

Please download, get your free copy or purchase one today!

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