Book Review – The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up For Your Autistic Child

The thought occurred to me as I was doing some editing here and preparing my next post that I forgot to promote this great book that I read last fall. Here is another primer that beginning advocates and pros alike will like and appreciate by attorney and television personality Areva Martin - “The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up For Your Autistic Child”.

A reviewer of the book from had this to say about the book and I concur with the praise and recommendation for the book:

“Areva Martin, the author of “Everyday Advocate” is both a passionate advocate for the autism community and a successful, Harvard-educated attorney. It is not surprising that this book connects with both the head and heart as Ms. Martin describes her personal journey to advocacy after her youngest son’s autism diagnosis at eighteen months (he is now ten years old). Her courageous fight on behalf of her son now benefits the larger autism and developmental disability community and those who care for them as it is transferred through the expertise found in this book. In addition to Ms. Martin’s compelling personal story, this book provides practical “real-world” applications and advocacy tools that will embolden and empower you and your family as you face special challenges as you fight for your loved ones. This book, written in plain English, will meet you where you are in your journey….but you will either develop or strengthen your advocacy skills with its insights and recommendations.

Be clear, this is a very practical book…..after reading it, you will be stronger and armed for your possible struggles on behalf of your loved one(s) and work with doctors, school districts, among others. This book really does the “heavy lifting” for those who need and seek help. There is an overwhelming abundance of information available on the “worldwide web” and Ms. Martin helps you sort out and manage this information overload. I highly recommend this book.”

Another thing that I personally appreciate about this book is she tells it like it is in an almost, “Get over it, your kid is autistic…now FIGHT FOR HIM!” I love that kind of attitude and you may find that very attitude in some of my postings here on the pathways in autism!

Happy Learning!