Jeremy Hilton Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee

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Later this week Jeremy Hilton, the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year and dedicated advocate for military families caring for special needs children, will be testifying to the Senate Armed Services Committee. At a time when CKMAA has great traction on the Hill, this testimony highlighting the unique challenges that military face in their endeavors to provide for their exceptional children comes with excellent timing.

I have a great respect for Jeremy Hilton and the tireless efforts he puts forth on behalf of families like mine and the tens of thousands of military families doing their best with limited resources in raising special needs children.

With his permission I have posted the written account of the testimony that he will provide later this week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him as he works share the plight that many of us endure. Go Jeremy!

Hilton Senate Testimony 20 June 2012

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