Houdini The Eloper!

HoudiniIt’s been a few years since our 8-year-old pulled a classic Houdini escape trick and disappeared right before his Mom and Dad’s very eyes. Well, we had to dust off old prison manual on how to keep the inmates from escaping our household, and realized that it is finally time to invest in a tracking device. Autism and wandering many times has a tragic ending. And, if you live in Florida where water is EVERYWHERE, that creates an added concern when Houdini pops smoke and disappears into the woods. Not to mention all the critters, snakes, spiders, bugs and alligators all around us here. So, the time has come for a GPS tracking device so that when (not if) he disappears again, both the local sheriff’s department and his Mom and Dad should have an easier time locating him.

Here is a great blog post I found that talks all about this and some of the stuff available on the market today!

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Watch Your Little Eloper!

Just today, I was faked out by out little “eloper.” Eloping is when a person (or child) just “wanders off” or attempts to escape. It is a fairly regular activity with children with autism. We have had our fair share of calling local police or the military police (on a military base) to assist us with finding out child!

This article discusses the pervasiveness of this issue with autistic children and his a fair warning to all parents, and not just those with autistic children.

The quote that struck me strongly was this, “There’s reason to believe that this is a leading cause of death in children with autism and possibly the leading cause of death…”

Wow. Please click here to take a look at the entire article…

Hidden Blessings In Our Autistic Children

I happened upon this video this morning. It immediately brought to mind the belief that when God takes something away from you in one area of life, He provides an increase in another. For example, when an individual is born blind, they usually have a measurable increased sensitivity in their other senses to compensate the loss. The human mind is an incredibly powerful and perfectly designed creation. We’ll never understand all of its potential.

I believe that regardless of the scope of disability that an autistic person has, there are hidden gifts or talents SOMEWHERE in that special person. And, with intent or perhaps even luck, sometimes those talents are exposed. Such is the case with this little auttie here! Enjoy!

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