Military Spouse of The Year Jeremy Hilton

This certainly isn’t new news, however, it is worth posting about. Jeremy Hilton was recently named Military Spouse of The Year for 2012. In order to win this honor, a military spouse first has to be submitted by their native service that they represent and win that. So, all of the armed forces branches each have a spouse of the year and then the finalists are reviewed and awarded spouse of the year? (Close Jeremy? lol). At any rate, Jeremy is an incredible advocate for military families with special needs. The work he is doing on behalf of all military families on Capitol Hill admirable, difficult and time-intensive. Advocacy can sometimes become loathe as it is a constant struggle and uphill battle to fight against current policy or attitude that needs changing. Jeremy is the positive and diligent breath of fresh air that inspires me to continue on the path that I walk and to do more for the cause. He certainly deserves this honor and is a invaluable asset to the military special needs community!

Please click on the link above for details and join me to congratulate Jeremy Hilton for being selected as Military Spouse of the Year 2012

In advocacy,