Reason One Hundred Thirty-Four Why I Admire My Wife

Let me go ahead and say it now.

My wife really stinks at “surprises.”

Whatever surprise she has planned, she always ends up blowing it – almost 98.8% of the time! (Sorry babe, but you know its true)

She may be bad at surprises, but she never stops impressing me with the things she does!

Last week she blew the surprise she had been wanting SO BADLY TO TELL ME ABOUT (read: “Want to guess what it is? Me: “No.” “Oh…now do you want to guess?” Me: “Nope.” “Ok…how about now…”) You get the idea.

Anyway we did that for about a week and she couldn’t help herself. Now, I can’t go blowing the surprise now that I am a privy to her grand project (and she needed my expertise to help finish it), but all I can say is that there are going to be some very impressed people later in the year.

Hmmm…those 3.7 readers that irregularly visit this blog are probably trying to figure out that little clue I just dropped. “What are the things Mike is good that she needed him to do?” Cooking? That can’t be, he’s 6000 miles away. Massage? Nope. See previous. Sleeping? Make Hot Wings? Give up?

Good, I am not going to tell you anyway. But, in the months ahead it will be revealed to the world and shared alike!

Thanks for impressing me yet again sweetheart. Your passion, creativity and heart have no ending. Keep doing what you are doing for out family and to make a difference in the world! I love you!

In Awareness,