21 Seems Like So Far Away!

Lisa sent me an article today that really got me contemplating what the future will be like for my boys when they cross those milestones like 18 and then at age 21 when they would have to leave the school system. That seems like so far away for us, but I know it really is only a moment and it will be there. If you are anything like me and you have young autistic children you probably think what life will be like for your kids when they become adults. I know I have high aspiration for my kids despite their disorder, but I am not pollyanna and think that everything will “just be fine” for them. I know that there will be struggles and difficulties on the path. I do sometimes try to imagine what they will do with their lives, what kind of jobs or interests will they have in life, how much of their autism do they “own”, understand and have learned coping mechanisms to work through moments on their own. I hope and pray that they will make great strides as out whole family works together to get to that milestone of 21. We always have faith that it is going to work out just as God intended. It will be up to us to do the work, but we really rely on our Maker to provide the boost and blessing in their lives. As the numbers increase in the years ahead, one just has to do the math in a few decades to realize that our society (whether you are “normal” yourself or not (whatever that is anyway, lol)) is going to have an issue to deal with as all these young adults are doing their best to function in mainstream society. I love my boys just the way God made them – warts and all (as the old saying goes) and I certainly have no desire to change their spirit, personality or the way they view the world, BUT I don’t want to empower them with the best education, training and skills that I can to prep them for independent life. One day my wife and I will depart this planet and it will just be them. We won’t be here to pick them up when they fall down anymore. I am grateful that there are adult communities for autism like the ones mentioned in this article below. As the numbers increase the need for centers, and training and assisted-living will all increase as well. Take a look at the article below and tell me what you think!